The Ultimate Conversion Tool: Converting Excel to PDF Using PDFBear


A portable document format or what is commonly called pdf has become more and more essential today. Pdfs can be used in many ways possible, which makes them versatile. They can be split, compressed, convert, and merge. The most common uses of pdf are for education and corporate files. Well, with what everyone is facing right now, it turns out that every job and education resorted online. 

Sometimes pdfs can be hard to handle as they can easily overwhelm the memory of your computer. They often come in large files, that’s why most people have a tool that could help them work with pdf without any complication. If your files are too big, you compress, and if you want to work with pdf a bit more, you convert. One popular conversion today is from excel to pdf. So, if you want to learn how to handle pdf files, this guide would help you.

A Reliable Online PDF Tool

First things first, you need to look for a suitable and reliable online pdf tool that could pretty much handle pdf files at ease. There are many tools you can find on the internet today. But, currently, PDFbear is considered on the top list of online pdf tools. The great thing about this tool is that it’s accessible and free. Yes, it’s free. Some tools may require payment and installation, but with PDFbear, everything is free. 

You might wonder, is it safe to use a free online application? Understandably, you wanted to be cautious when it comes to your files. But fear not, because even if PDFbear is free, they are reliable and pretty much a trusted online application. Converting files from Excel to PDF has never been this easy compare to before.  

PDFbear Has High-Level Security

People have wondered if it’s safe to use PDFbear since it’s free and pretty much accessible to everyone. There’s a reason why they are on the top, and one of them is their security. One of the policies of PDFbear is to respect the confidentiality and privacy of its users. So, no matter how many files you intend to download in their system, it’ll all be safe and secured. 

In addition to that, once you’re done with their services, may it be conversion or compression, all of your files will be deleted from their system. That leaves no single trace of your file. 

PDFbear is XSL and XLSX Included

Excel has two primary formats. One it the XSL file format, which is the standard workbook file of Microsoft Excel, and the other is the current file format, the XLSX. But, nothing to worry, because PDFbear still supports both formats. So, no matter what format or extension you have, they still have the same conversion process at the same speed. 

Convert Excel to PDF

The process of conversion when using PDFbear is pretty easy and quick. There are just four steps you need to follow. The first step is to choose or select the files you wanted to convert. You can also select multiple files as they support multiple conversions at a time. Once you’re done selecting the files, you need to upload them on the site and modify them before starting the process. 

If there’s no need to modify the files, you can just click convert and wait for PDFbear to analyze and finish the process. Once it’s done with the conversion, your files will then be ready for download. 


Pdf files can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you don’t receive the help you’re looking for. But, with the correct and suitable tool, working with such files can be pretty easy. So, if you’re looking for an online pdf tool that could provide quality and help you in any way, check out PDFbear. 

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