6 Top Things You Can Do With PDF Bear For Completely Free


In today’s world, we become more reliant on advanced and modern ways to solve any concerns, especially when it comes to our paperless documents. When there are some issues we need to fix, a single click in Google can help us. Thanks to the existence of various digital-based tools intended to solve our document-related concerns. Be it PDF, PPT, JPEG, or Word; you can use tons of tools to work with these files.

One of the best examples of today’s hottest tool online is PDF Bear. This website helps users fix any problems with their files and produce their desired document output. The site features different useful tools for all sorts of formats. Here are the top tasks you can do with the site for completely free.

Convert Your Files

PDF Bear allows you to convert your files into your desired format. From word to pdf or from PDF to Excel, you can easily convert your files in just a few easy steps. You just have to follow the indicated method on the site, and you are good to go. Rest assured that all tools featured are highly safe and secure. Read the site’s Privacy Policy for further security information. 

Merge Your PDFs

The site features a merger tool, which allows you to merge PDFs files into one document in just a few hassle-free methods. The entire merging process will only consume seconds to finish it and expect a high-quality combined file output. 

Split PDFs

If you wish to split your PDF into individual pages, PDF Bear will be your best buddy to help you finish this task. Split PDF can help you divide files or remove pages separately. It enables you to build new individual PDFs from the original PDF file.

Remove PDF Pages 

PDF Bear also allows you to remove some unnecessary pages from your PDFs with its advanced impressive features. The site’s PDF remover will help and make it much easier for you to remove those pages using a few clicks. This is helpful if you have an incoming report presentation. 

Repair PDFs

PDF Bear features the best online repair tool for all damaged or corrupted files. You can conveniently repair your PDFs in just a few easy methods. The website will attempt to restore your damaged PDF documents. Their system will do its best to repair the damage and provide the desired results you may like. How to fix your files using their tool? Follow these basic steps below. 

Step 1. Choose PDFs

Choose your corrupted or damaged PDF documents from your device and upload it to the website. Let them handle the whole process, and rest assured that your files will be protected. The tool will do its 100% best to recover the damage. 

Step 2. Let The Tool Analyze

When your damaged files are already uploaded to the site, let the PDF Bear’s repair kit tool analyze them. It will consume a few seconds before it resolves the damage. After a minute, your PDF will be in workable condition. 

Step 3. Click “Repair”

After the file analysis, the tool will attempt to resolve your files. Simply click the “Repair” button, and the process will immediately start. Wait for the task to be finished and save the output on your device storage or Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. 

Protect PDFs

In today’s world, where private information stealing is a major issue, the PDF Bear’s protection tool helps you avoid this risk. The tool allows you to create a password for your PDFs. Their cloud conversion tool has made it easy, fast, and convenient to start protecting your PDF documents. Their service is the easiest and fastest way to keep your files encrypted and safe.


The PDF Bear is a full packaged website that can work for all sorts of documents. Whether you want your files to be converted or want them to be protected, the site can offer your documents’ best solution. 

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