Bob Behnken as a Crew Dragon Member

Robert Behnken is a veteran astronaut as well as US military Colonel. Although he has been to several space missions before the Crew Dragon mission is still unique to him. He says that he is happy to be a part of this historic flight.

Some of Behnken’s remarkable records include his over 700 hours in space as well as spacewalking over 30 hours. These exciting events are his memories of his participate

ion in the STS missions. 

Behnken joined Washington University and specialized in physics and mechanical engineering. He learned a lot from the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. From here, he went to Caltech and garnered postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering. 

Later on, Behnken was recruited for service by Air Force, explicitly camping at Eglin Air Force Base. He was a developmental and technical engineer for new weapons systems at this base.

Behnken was at Air Force Test Pilot School, where he was the lead flight test engineer for F-22. He has flown for over 1000 flight hours and has been a pilot to more than 20 different types of aircraft. NASA saw Behnken’s talent in 2000 and recruited him for its aerospace program. He was trained and served as Chief of Operations and Chief Astronaut from 2012 to 2015.

Behnken’s first voyage to space was in 2008 under the boarding Endeavor spacecraft. It was a mission (STS-123) to relay JAXA Kibo Laboratory and Dextre servicing system to ISS. He made three spacewalks on this mission. His second space mission (STS-130) was to erect Node 3 and a portal for observing the earth. He also spacewalked on three occasions of the voyage.

During the shutdown of NASA space launch in 2011, the company initiated programs for private aerospace companies to thrive. They were hoping to send astronauts to space under these companies. NASA’s efforts to salvage this talent made it enroll him for training in their agency.

The US government is sanctioning the launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. SpaceX is preparing to dispatch veteran astronauts, Behnken and Hurley, in this vessel to space. So far, the firm has been able to send test flights of Crew Dragon to ISS. The flights have successfully returned to earth earlier this week. Test flight Demo-1 shows the expected experience of the astronauts should they embark on the mission. Demo-2 is the next flight from America since 2011. This mission will involve the two astronauts Behnken and Doug.

NASA and SpaceX are evaluating all dimensions of the Crew Dragon. They hope that the voyage will provide more details for future formal launches to ISS. The families of the two astronauts will be watching the deployment of this flight from Kennedy Space Center. Behnken told CNN that working with Hurley is the safest journey because of their familiarity with each other.

In conclusion, the two astronauts are happy to be back in the spotlight, especially amidst this historic launch. They hope that the mission’s success inspires other space firms to send astronauts to space.

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