The Space Acquisition Council seeks to aid the space industry suppliers

Power is among the most significant challenges of the planet, and space exploration is amongst the directions in which these issues can be solved. The area of space became a precedent for the production of power, for example, solar panels were first used in the space industry as fuel for satellites before their incorporation into the power industry as a renewable source of energy. Also, space exploration innovations facilitated communication and GPS location. Several people can find their current location using GPS, thanks to space exploration. Likewise, space exploration has boosted the understanding of the universe and facilitated the discovery of numerous planets in the solar system. Furthermore, archaeological discoveries of old ruins or proof of earlier civilization are attributed to space exploration due to the space devices that revealed the various sites. 

However, the emergence of coronavirus paralyzed most space activities hence a decline in investment and missions. A focus has been assigned to helping space supply businesses strained by the coronavirus epidemic, with senior officials from the National Recognition Office. However, the kind of support is yet unknown, says Will Roper, the leading procurement officer of the Air Force unit. Throughout a video call, Roper informed journalists that on 29 April, he had urged DOD organizations to collaborate with space firms to acquire the full volume of information on vendors on the verge of failure.

“If the outcome is achieved, it will enable us to give a clear signal to the Legislature, the Department of the Defence Minister, and others, where steps will be taken,” stated Roper. As the recession undermines industries funding national safety space systems, the Pentagon has established smaller payloads and microelectronics that will boost the supply chain. Roper hypothesizes that in the production process, there may be other vulnerable items, like suppliers of advanced satellite products. “These materials are vital,” he added. “Users can’t simply create a spacecraft from anything; they must have tolerance-compliant resources that people don’t access elsewhere,” Roper explained. 

 As per the Chief executive Adam Smith of the House Armed Services Committee, offering the Pentagon additional finance to help agitated distributors would be a tough sale. Smith spoke at a teleconference organized by the Defense Writing Committee on 29 April, “I don’t believe we can invest money in the simulation package.” 

Smith retorted that the Pentagon has quite a considerable amount of cash to finance stimulus initiatives for the sector. The cost of petrol, for instance, has dropped such that the budget includes additional money.

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