Stephen Colbert makes a call to the space explorers in the space on ideas on how to Social Isolate

The famous comedian Stephen Colbert currently has been imposing the rule of social distance by having a late-night show from the start of last month. Today, on the 15 of April, he called the International Space Station to have some of the tips on how to isolate from astronauts of NASA Jessica Meir.

In September last year, Meir launched the space station where he has stayed for 162 days on the laboratory in orbit. The laboratory is one of the three expeditions which had 62 crew members in the space during the start of coronavirus pandemic. In the International space station, Meir has two crewmates, the astronaut from Russia Oleg skripochka and Drew Morgan, who is NASA astronaut; they have a plan to return on the earth on the 17 of April, which will be a Friday.

According to the Meir, it is hard for them to believe they are returning to a different planet in which they truly belong, as he was speaking to Colbert live during the space interview from the ground that he was from NAS TV. It is hard and strange to believe that three of us are up here at the same time, and now we are six of us, she added. In another statement, Meir said that they are the only people who are not at the danger of the pandemic at the moment. There are billions of humans who daily occasions are dealing with the effect of the epidemic in one way. But the three of us are not in a way affect with the pandemic, but we are coming to see the effect.  

Colbert respondent to Mier that currently, everyone on the earth is presently dealing with the health guidelines that need us to isolate and maintain the social distance to reduce the increase in the spread of the pandemic. Colbert added that most of the astronauts are familiar with isolation. Lastly, is there any other advice from the space for us that could help us to reduce the fever?

Accord to Meir, the other astronauts, have been sharing tips and information about the pandemic with the different words of wisdom from in their social media.  There are various thing that has made them continue with their excises in the space and maintain the daily plan which is best for the mental and physical development she concluded 

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