Vice-President Pence commends the NASA spacemen who made history in regards to the space station

A couple of weeks after seeing NASA spacemen Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken set off from the earth in a traditional manner, the deputy president Mike Pence went further to know how the astronauts are adapting to life in space.

Mike and his spouse, Karen, were present on the 30th of March at the NASA space station based in Florida, whereby the SpaceX’s Demo-2 test flight was setting off. The spacecraft, however, did not pilot itself because it had the two astronauts from NASA. It jetted off towards the International Space Station. President Donald did not miss the event as well, as he came along with this, his spouse Melania to watch the game.

Elon Musk Company has made history by having the Demo-2 operation to be ever crewed, and its launch of  Falcon 9 spacecraft was the first orbital human shuttle flight to set off from the U.S soil since NASA initiated its space shuttle in 2011.

The two spacemen arrived at the International Space Station the following day on the 31st of May, and they joined their fellow spacemen Chris Cassidy who is in charge of the Expedition 63 mission alongside other Russian spacemen, namely, Anatoli Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner. On the 17th of June, Mike and his wife video called the NASA spacemen to commend them for their effort and applaud the Demo-2 crewmembers on their impressive attainment

While on call, Mike thanked Chris Cassidy for his excellent service and his leadership

He further extended his praises to Bob and Doug for creating history as the foremost spacemen to set off on a commercially made and operated space shuttle and the first ones to set off from a U.S rocket, from U.S soil, in almost a decade, he further commended the spacemen on a fruitful mission

Hurley, one of the astronauts, responded by honouring that he and his co-pilot were privileged to be a part of the mission, which is the commercial program and the crew dragon as well to the International Space Station. Hurley went further and quoted that the journey was remarkable, and they were happy to be up in the space with his partner, whereby they were doing their duties.

The three astronauts from NASA all jetted on a spacecraft operation, and Mike inquired from the Demo-2 duo how a Falcon 9- Crew Dragon trip matches to one alongside the iconic NASA spacecraft.

Hurley responded by saying that the solid rocket boosters on a spacecraft produced a noisy sound, and the journey up to the space was bumpy for the first few minutes and that the Falcon -9 burnt smoothly.

The three astronauts that were initially there, namely, Chris, Ivanishin, and Vagner, are planned to jet back in October while boarding the Russian Soyuz rocket that flew them to space.

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