The development of mega-dams leads to cheap renewable energy in China

The Chinese mega-dam building is in its final stage. The Three Gorges Corp of China last week put on the first group of generators at the large Wudongde hydropower plant at the Centre of Yunnan Mountains province. The dam is 170 kilometers at the lower end of River Jinsha, which sits at Baihetan. The last group of generators will start to function next year. 

When the two sites are in completion, a lot of electricity will come out from any power plant in the Philippines when combined. These two mega-dams in the construction boom of china produce electricity for more than half a century.  One of the dams became an increasingly mired controversy against the trade-off between the benefits of having the renewable energy, and the measured placed to prevent flooding, including the overall cost of environment and the social relationship among the people.

The current state of the China hydro industry moves towards the development of a small project with pump storage. The engineers have used all the available most comfortable locations that can power large sets of turbines, thus reducing the cost of rivaling energy sources such as the solar, which are not worth in most of the locations.  

The cost of developing renewable sources of energy and coal-fired power is less. According to Frank Yu, who is the Wood Mackenzie limited analyst, the main question is, what is the main reason for using a lot of money to come up with hydro projects that are 2,000 kilometers down the Tibetan plateau. He added the future of the hydro will be to pump storage and will reduce in size. 

The period for dam construction in china begun early 1950 after the communist party won the state power, but the state reached a crescendo the past 20 years. The above was after Baithetan gears up a full potential by the end of 2022. The Chinese government will complete five mega projects worldwide among the ten most significant projects in the past ten years. The amount of electricity from the Chinese dams was more compared to any country in the world in the year 2017 except the Us and India. 

The use of the rivers in china from the snowy areas to the end regions that contain fertile land is the primary area of concern by most of the country’s leaders. The yu, the great emperor some 4,000 years ago, developed dikes canals and dams to control flooding that was a problem in the ancient civilization.   

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