Duterte condemned for excluding green energy policies in the Covid-19 recovery agendas

Philippines ‘ president received great revolt from several groups in the country for excluding green energy in the economic recovery schemes. 

President Duterte addressed the nation that got primarily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The country’s health and general economic segment received sharp slowdowns following the epidemic. 

A network of organizations, societies, and communities sparked a public disappointment over the president’s failure to provide a way to mitigate the country’s coal dependence. The department of energy received no directive concerning the previously announced policies on providing alternative energy sources to combat the country’s pronounced pollution.

The Power for People society’s top official stated how renewable energy sources would provide a breakthrough in the country’s welfare. He mentioned how green energy would provide cost-effective power to the people, aid in environmental protection plans, and reduce the energy sector’s centralization by diverging on alternative energy sources. Further, he failed to comprehend how the president ignored the energy sector in his fifth speech.

The country’s substantial coal assets are likely to stall due to the US’s energy sector shift from focusing on fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives. The country’s prime energy supplier, Meralco, got neglected too in the president’s speech despite its precarious situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Additionally, Duterte did not address the consumers who got intensely affected by the power bills resulting from Meralco’s dangling stability. Also, Greenpeace’s environmental director got dismayed by the lack of a phase-out plan by the president to stimulate faster growth of the renewable energy section. 

The past interventions announced by the president on the war against environmental torture got deemed as superficial and transient. Duterte’s lack of proper comprehensive policies will deteriorate the country’s economy and energy powers in every industrial sector in the country. 

In conclusion, the president’s failure to address the development of the green energy industry will negatively impact its economic position. The integration of renewable energy policies in his government will solidify the country’s place in the energy sector. 

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